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2019 Locations


Refund Policy This ticket is non-refundable. If your nap time or general schedule has changed, we are happy to switch you to a class that works best for you within the same session (pending availability) or issue you a credit (cancellation request must be 30 days before the first date of class). Exceptions to the 30-day policy can be made if a student off the waitlist is successfully moved into the requested cancelled class; for which a full credit less a $35 admin fee will be given.


Location Transfer:

We can transfer your class credit to any My Little Farmer location. The transfer is only applicable if there is space in the location of interest.


What if I have more than one child?

Additional Children (Siblings) are discounted. Children under 1 are free and can attend with you and your toddler.


Is there an additional cost for extra parents to attend?

We ask that just one adult attend per child to ensure class quality and safety. If you are interested in attending as a family, we invite you to join a private tour or event.

What if I miss a class?

We allow 1 make-up class per session for personal reasons. Since we have limited drop-in spots available every week, we ask that all make-up requests are submitted at least 24-HOURS in advance in order to qualify for a make-up code. This system will help to ensure that everyone can have a spot in a class that needs to make one up. The make-up request form can be found here.


What is your weather policy?

Classes are drizzle or Shine unless otherwise notified by the venue. For drizzly days, we do story or art in the indoor space. If we cancel class due to weather, you will receive a credit to your account to apply to a future drop-in class or semester.


Are the classes different between sessions 1 and 2 or different seasons? 

Yes. We always add in new classes each session and also change core classes seasonally. As an example, in summer you may be finding a watermelon in the garden while in the Fall, we will look for pumpkins and center our activity around the seasons. In the summer we visit the cow and make ice cream and in the winter we meet the baby goats. Many of our clients come year-round.


Can I bring a stroller? Strollers are welcome! Most of the farm is grass so a stroller can be difficult in some spots if it has rained.


What should we wear? Closed-toe shoes are required. Pants are recommended if hay or grass bothers your or your child. Rain or muck  boots are highly recommended after rain and throughout Spring.


Can we bring carrots? Our animals are on a strict diet. While you may bring fresh veggies, please wait for our instructor's feeding instructions.


Can older siblings attend? For the safety of our students and to maintain the quality of the class, we ask that you do not bring older siblings.

More questions? Email

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