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Our animals are rescues and all have a forever home with us!


Every sale from classes & books contributes to our animal rescue fund.

To further assist our rescue animals, you can sponsor one for the year! 

Meet our Animals & Adopt Below
Adopt A Farm Friend

For a one-time adoption donation of $25 you will receive a personalized digital photo of your farm animal. You will receive updates and photos by email throughout the year. You will learn all about your animal and how they ended up on our farm. Your donation will help us care for your animal all year long!

The My Little Farmer rescue is a registered Section 501 (c)(3) under the United States internal revenue code.

All proceeds go directly to care for the animals


Pongo the cow is as cuddly as can be! Saved from the veal trade last year, Pongo has a forever home with us. He is 10 months old and working on his halter training and his best friend is Petunia the goat.

Zippy the Donkey

Zippy the Donkey came to us from Ohio brave but with Alopecia and hoof bruises from overgrown feet. He's well on the mend and loves his job "walking kids" on the grass.

Toby the Pony

Toby the pony is a dream pony. Patient with kids and wouldn't hurt a fly. This miniature pony was rescued, like many horses, from auction. He even lets Sophie the Silkie ride on him!

Black Beard

Black Bean the Rooster is a Ayam Cemani, which means he's black from his feathers to his bones! With only one rooster per hen house, you'll find many roosters need a home. He has one with us and his best friends with our Turkey.

Sheila the Sheep

Sheila is one of 6 Babydoll sheep that were rescued by us and KidsFarms (we split the herd). We received a call from a friend in Virginia who noticed a herd of sheep that were left for months when a homeowner moved out. They were hungry and their fleece was overgrown. In the south, these animals need to be sheared once a year so they don't die of over heating.

Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean was rescued from auction and still very shy. Though she's better about being around people, her main job is being Toby's best friend! When she's not around, he goes bonkers looking for her.

Stuffin' The Turkey

Our loving Turkey escaped being a Thanksgiving meal and found a loving home with us! He's protective over his flock of chickens and very sweet with kids.

Penelope the Pig

Penelope is NOT a rescue but she was our first animal and the inspiration behind our logo. There is a book coming out about her this Fall.

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