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Age Groups



At 12-24 months old, your child is developing language skills, sensory and motor development, learning how to solve problems, mastering getting where they want to go and learning to love routines.


We cater to this special age by repeating our routine to each class, creating a learning environment that caters to those still learning to walk and crawl and have more activities happening at once so that your child can explore and discover new things at their own pace! The story and craft or fine-motor skill changes each week.

Farm Tots



Whether you have a 2-4-year-old, have multiple children that fall between the ages of 1-4 or have a 12-24 month old that loves to keep up with 2 1/2 - 4-year-olds, this class is for you!


This mixed age class is perfect for all ages. The youngest learn and become encouraged from watching how older toddlers interact with activities and the oldest gain confidence by knowing answers and mastering skills. Regardless of their age, they will learn, have fun, keep moving and interact with all of their favorite farm animals! 


We recommend that if your child isn't walking yet and you don't have an older child (within years 2-4) that you join our 12-24 month-old class.




Little Farmers



Whether your child has been with us from the start or new to My Little Farmer, they'll be sure to love this farm experience just for 4-5-year-olds. 


While learning through play, you can expect new stories, more advanced farm problem solving, more independent activities and animal interaction. 


Our goal is for them to build confidence to support the next chapter of their activity and school life! Be it on the farm or in the classroom.




Big Little Farmers

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